Stretching & why it's important.....Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong & healthy, & we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in our joints. Without it, muscles shorten & become tight, & injured muscles may not be strong enough to support our joints, which can lead to injury.


Wednesdays 10-11am & 6-7pm

Core Strength & why it's important.....Core strength refers to a series of complex muscles that stabilise and move the spine. These movements involve more than just your abs – they require multiple muscles working together from the knee area up to the base of the ribcage. You engage your core when you do any activity that involves movement, including twisting, turning, bending, and sitting. That means most of your daily tasks depend on your core being strong and stable. When your core feels weak, you may notice a snowball effect of issues regarding blood circulation, stability, and back pain. Beyond physical balance & stability, core strength also promotes deeper & more efficient breathing, healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, enhances your mental state & can even reduce PMS & cramping in women. It is also hugely important in the transition of energy from upper to lower body & vice versa.

Tuesdays 10-11am