FAST, SAME DAY access to Musculoskeletal Experts  

The RAPID REHAB Clinic is an expert musculoskeletal clinic with a firm focus

on accelerated injury recovery.
Particular specialisms in slipped disc injuries, Sciatica, lower back pain, knee pain & shoulder injuries.

Experienced across the whole range of musculoskeletal injuries.

Puzzled by the physio, chiropractor, osteopath dilemma? Give us a call.

Modern, Comfortable Premises, Free Parking & Refreshing Service

Also includes a ligament brace fitting centre. Knee Braces | Shoulder Braces | Ankle Braces | Ski knee braces | Motocross braces

What We Won't Do...

We Won't    Spend an hour taking down your medical your expense

We Won't    Automatically advise you that six treatments at least are necessary to get this problem right

Our first question Won't be "Can we take a copy of your credit card details?" 

We Won't    Pat ourselves on the back because we've got you to achieve a low level target we've set for you

We Won't    Crack your back for temporary fact we won't crack your back

We Won't    Suggest an X-ray because we've got an X-ray machine and it's a good way for us to make money

What We Will Do...


We Will   Be seriously proactive in getting to grips

with your injury,

without unnecessary procedures or expense.....

& you can pay as you go.


More Treatment Time 

Less Appointments | Better Support

204 Leckhampton Road


GL53 0AQ






MON      8.00 - 8pm

TUES      8.00 - 7pm

WED       8.00 - 7pm

THURS   8.00 - 7pm

FRI         8.00 - 5pm

SAT        8.30 - 12pm

SUN       Closed